Are we LOST yet?



Another season of LOST is over with the airing of the three hour season finale, “There’s no place like home.”

The finale screams that “We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!” rather than, “There’s no place like home.”


The writer’s strike crippled many network shows, but the writer’s of Lost have succeeded in distilling all the confusing flash-forward and flash-backs and packaged them into a great finale for season 4.


Some of the MsGypsy blog sisters want to chat about the Lost finale.


Here are some ideas for conversation:

The first thing I think of from the finale:

 1.)  IS JOHN LOCKE  (Jeremy Bentham) really dead?

 How can the island allow him to be dead? He is the 

 man of faith.

 And what was that reincarnation test all about?  How 

 is it that Richard Alpert has not aged? He appears at 

 John’s birth and again later to test him, and Richard 

 has not aged! 


2.)    Is CLAIRE dead?

    Why did she walk off with her ghost father, leave Aaron and then die?  That seems very strange to me unless the actress wanted off the show.



3.)    Does the island really let people die?

    Will we be seeing Rousseau and the others who were killed showing up?  Or are all the dead, just avatar representations of the mysterious Jacob? An alien/God of the island?



4.)   What is the black cloud beast on the island?   

    Can Ben actually control it?

    Or is the black cloud the actual physical “body” of Jacob?



5.)   What happened to the folks in zodiac, (the rubber boat)?

    Were they taken in the ring of time and space when the island “moved”?



6.)   What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore??

    For some reason, no matter how much Ben hates him, and kills his associates and threatens Penny.. Ben does not kill Widmore in his bedroom… there has to be SOME big story there.



7.)   Poor Sayid, he finally finds the love of his life, and she is killed…

    but did Ben set it all up to get Sayid to do the killing for him?? I just don’t trust Ben not to manipulate Sayid.. although Ben keeps saying that he is the GOOD guy… so maybe he DIDN’T orchestrate her death.. but I still do not trust his motives.



There are so many more mysteries of the island,

Come and let’s have fun chatting about another of our favorite shows, LOST.




12 Responses to “Are we LOST yet?”

  1. DebS Says:

    I was so shocked when I saw “Locke” in that coffin. Of all the people I thought might end up in there, he was the one person I did not expect. Which is probably why he was in the coffin. I do wonder, as well, if he’s really dead. And although I did ask myself the same question as Rifkind about why the island would left him die. Perhaps, his time was up, and he was no longer needed. I wonder what happened on the island after the Oceanic 6 escaped. And why did Locke return to the main land.

  2. rifkind Says:

    It seems like there has been a several year gap for the Oceanic 6, since their return HOME… and there definately seems to be a TIME TRAVEL situation going on at the island..
    I wonder if that is why the babies conceived on the island can’t be born there, because the island is functioning outside of REGULAR TIME.
    Did you notice that the crackers that Hurley ate, were just fine? Even though they were supposed to be 15 years old?? And we see Sawyer eat the cracker… and I expected him to taste it and spit it out… but he DIDN’T, so the crackers must have been preserved somehow.

    It will be very interesting to see if Charlotte was actually born on the island. Was she like Alex, conceived off the island and her Mother arriving at the island shortly before delivery? Or was she actually an anomoly where here mother actually survived?

  3. rifkind Says:

    Now that the island has MOVED, will the food shipments still be sent from the Dharma initiative? How will they know where to SEND the food?
    Was the money for the Dharma supplies actually sent by Widmore?

  4. DebS Says:

    –I think Charlotte was born on the island. As I understand it she is looking for the place she was born. But I could just be making that up. It is hard to remember what I actually saw on the show and what I came up with as theory. 😉

    –I thought that the original Dharma food drop came from The Others as a way to confuse the survivors or something like that. The Dharma Initiative experiments happened over 20 years ago, there is no way mainland people wouldn’t have checked up on why they weren’t going on anymore, right?

    –So, do you think Claire is dead? I think she is dead. If she isn’t dead why would she want Aaron off the island? The psychic told her to raise the child herself, and yet she is allowing Kate to raise him.

    –I think time travel is definintely a part of the show. I also think there are huge religious undertones, and it makes me wonder where the show is going.

  5. rifkind Says:

    > I think Charlotte was born on the island. As I understand it she is
    > looking for the place she was born. But I could just be making that up.

    Nope you did not make that up.. it WAS a line in the finale.
    It was the reason that she gave to explain why she did not get on the zodiac to go back to the ship.

    The Dharma initiative —
    That is a strange one.. as it looked like Ben killed off all the original scientists with the gas and left their bodies to rot in that open grave…
    He IS a very stange duck!
    For some reason, NEW food drops kept coming in… and NO I do not believe that the OTHERS were making the food drops. They had the boat and submarine.. but I don’t think that they had a plane.

  6. DebS Says:

    Then it must be the time differential. Makes you wonder if the food came from twenty years ago.

  7. rifkind Says:

    That is a good idea Deb! I hadn’t though of that!

  8. DebS Says:

    I wonder if others have watched LOST Yet?

  9. DebS Says:

    The black smoke really interests me. What is it? Why are there faces in it? Are all the dead people who later show up being representions of the black smoke?

  10. rifkind Says:

    The black smoke.

    Well it is strange.. when Locke saw the smoke the first time, he associated it with the island and that it was the HEART of the Island, and he felt that it was beautiful.
    So we were thinking that the smoke ‘monster’ was OK..
    Then it kills Mr. Echo…. it appeared that the smoke took on the avatar / physical representation of Mr. Echo’s brother…. and then the smoke grabs Mr. Echo and beats him to death!
    WTF! OK, so the actor wanted off the show.. but is this really the “personality” of the smoke creature? It seems like the creature is far too judgmental of our human mistakes and frailties. If Mr. Echo deserved to die.. why didn’t it kill Sayid and Kate? There were lots of folks on the island that had shady things in their past! There were also lots of ‘bad’ things that went on with the folks even after the crash on the island.. the torture of Sawyer.. the kidnapping Claire and Charlie and almost killing of Charlie by hanging… lots of nasty and shady things were done by some of the crash victims and the Others, and yet the cloud monster doesn’t kill them.

    Later the smoke grabs Locke and starts dragging him through the jungle… I think that at that point Locke WAS SCARED of what was happening, but was still trusting and would have been OK with it dragging him underground. Lock was still holding on to the belief in the goodness and FATE of the island.. He seemed really angry that Jack “saved” him from the smoke by throwing dynamite down the hole in the ground and the smoke creature flew away.

    In a later episode, it appears that the defense perimeter will keep the smoke OUT of the housing compound area. Ummm, why doesn’t it just go OVER the energy field? Kate and the others were able to go OVER the barrier.

    I found it interesting that in the flash back to John Locke’s childhood when Richard Alpert went to the foster home to “test” Locke, they had a quick flash to a child’s drawing… black and white,,,, of the cloud creature and a person. Was this from John’s past life?

    Then there is the whole situation where Ben is so pissed off about the murder of his daughter Alex, that he sends the smoke creature out to take care of the men in the jungle.
    At that point the smoke creature IS IN THE COMPOUND, and Ben has a way to communicate with it and ask / tell it to kill those men…..

    More things that make you go hummmmm

    I think that the smoke IS Jacob, and it has the ability to take on the physical form of people that we know. I assume that this is so that it can clearly communicate with ‘us’, and so that the person doesn’t completely freak out because of the strange physical body of the creature.
    There also does seem to be some interesting characteristics of the island and “Jacob”. Remember when Locke was shot by Ben and was in the pit dying? The image of Walt showed up (assumed to be Jacob/cloud creature/representation of the Island) and Locke was magically healed?
    The island does have some healing powers.
    So far we know that Rose’s cancer has gone into remission
    John was able to leave the wheel chair behind.
    Jin was able to father a child

    The island doesn’t magically heal everyone. Look at all the folks who have died while on the island. It seems strange to me that some folks are saved and others are allowed to die. Not all the folks who died were BAD people.

  11. DebS Says:

    I have also wondered if the black smoke was Jacob. I am inclined to believe that. Here is a tidbit to add to your theories. In the bible Jacob was descended from Abraham and had twelve sons–the youngest of whom was named Benjamin. Think on that!

  12. rifkind Says:

    Yes that IS something to think about!

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