Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple – 18th Dynasty
This image is missing the Aten temple which was built by Akhenaten and was later dismantled.  The image may also contain buildings and constructions that were added by later dynasties. This image is a work-in-progress.
Karnak Temple During the 18th Dynasty

 Wikipedia Link : 18th Dynasty Pharaohs

From Wikipedia :
Karnak Temple – Precinct of Amun-Re

Fifth and Sixth Pylon (5)

The Sixth Pylon was built by Thutmose III, and leads into a Hall of Records in which the king recorded his tributes. The pylon also includes some images of the god Amun which were restored by Tutankhamen after they were vandalized by Akhenaten. These images were later recarved by Horemheb who also usurped Tutankhamun’s restoration inscriptions.

Sanctuary of Philip Arrhidaeus (26)

The sanctuary was built in the time of Philip III of Macedon, Philip Arrhidaeus, on the site of the earlier sanctuary built by Thutmose III of Egypt. This sanctuary contains blocks from the earlier sanctuary and older inscriptions can still be seen.


Festival Hall of Thutmose III (6)

This stands to the east of the main temple complex. Between the sanctuary and the festival hall is an open space (26), and this is thought to be where the original Middle Kingdom shrines and temples were located, before their later dismantling.

The Festival Hall (or Akh-menu – “the most glorious of monuments”) itself has its axis at right-angles to the main east-west axis of the temple. It was originally built to celebrate the jubilee Sed festival of Thutmose III, and later became used as part of the annual Opet Festival. In this temple, the Karnak king list, shows Thutmose III with some of the earlier kings that built parts of the temple complex.


Pictures of the Amun temple today,
including a blow-up of section 26, where the Current Sanctuary of Amun is located.


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