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Are we LOST yet?

June 2, 2008



Another season of LOST is over with the airing of the three hour season finale, “There’s no place like home.”

The finale screams that “We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!” rather than, “There’s no place like home.”


The writer’s strike crippled many network shows, but the writer’s of Lost have succeeded in distilling all the confusing flash-forward and flash-backs and packaged them into a great finale for season 4.


Some of the MsGypsy blog sisters want to chat about the Lost finale.


Here are some ideas for conversation:

The first thing I think of from the finale:

 1.)  IS JOHN LOCKE  (Jeremy Bentham) really dead?

 How can the island allow him to be dead? He is the 

 man of faith.

 And what was that reincarnation test all about?  How 

 is it that Richard Alpert has not aged? He appears at 

 John’s birth and again later to test him, and Richard 

 has not aged! 


2.)    Is CLAIRE dead?

    Why did she walk off with her ghost father, leave Aaron and then die?  That seems very strange to me unless the actress wanted off the show.



3.)    Does the island really let people die?

    Will we be seeing Rousseau and the others who were killed showing up?  Or are all the dead, just avatar representations of the mysterious Jacob? An alien/God of the island?



4.)   What is the black cloud beast on the island?   

    Can Ben actually control it?

    Or is the black cloud the actual physical “body” of Jacob?



5.)   What happened to the folks in zodiac, (the rubber boat)?

    Were they taken in the ring of time and space when the island “moved”?



6.)   What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore??

    For some reason, no matter how much Ben hates him, and kills his associates and threatens Penny.. Ben does not kill Widmore in his bedroom… there has to be SOME big story there.



7.)   Poor Sayid, he finally finds the love of his life, and she is killed…

    but did Ben set it all up to get Sayid to do the killing for him?? I just don’t trust Ben not to manipulate Sayid.. although Ben keeps saying that he is the GOOD guy… so maybe he DIDN’T orchestrate her death.. but I still do not trust his motives.



There are so many more mysteries of the island,

Come and let’s have fun chatting about another of our favorite shows, LOST.