Creating the WordPress Avatar

Henry Michael Victor  -- HMV Bat

We have been having a bit of trouble creating the little Avatar on WordPress, so I made these pages to help folks.

Let me know it it helps!

Confused? I was able to enter POSTS to the Blog and also put in a URL address to a cool Henry picture.. and do all that WITHOUT a WordPress account. The AVATAR is the little picture by my Screen Name when I make a post on any WordPress Blog. You have to have a WordPress account to have the Avatar show up on your posts.

You can select to just have a WordPress account without necessarily creating your own Blog page. If you choose to JUST have the account, you can later on create a Blog if you want to. That is what I did when creating my notes today and decided to setup (Rifkind’s World).
Once you have the WordPress Account created, you can then upload a picture to be your personal avatar.

Setup your WordPress account here:

You have these choices:
Gimme a blog! (Like
Just a username, please.

Part 1 : Get the Picture Ready  Link

Part 2 : Creating the Avatar     Link


One Response to “Creating the WordPress Avatar”

  1. alex0252 Says:

    Hi rifkind,

    It’s Linda from Ms. Gypsy’s, I was just checking out your instructions about the avatar and the picture behind the name. Thanks!

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