Part 2 : Creating the Avatar

Part 2 : Getting the Image INTO WordPress

You have to have a WordPress account to have the Avatar show up on your posts. The AVATAR is the little picture by my screen name when I make a post on any WordPress Blog.

You can select to just have an account without necessarily creating your own Blog page.

Setup your WordPress account here:

You have these choices:
Gimme a blog! (Like
Just a username, please.

If you choose to JUST have the account, you can later on create a Blog if you want to.

Once you have an account, Login and go into your profile. I find that going through the (Global Dashboard ) to the profile seems to work the best for me. The Global Dashboard is an option on the TOP of the screen once you have logged into WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you are currently on somebody else’s page. You just have to be logged in.

Once in the profile, go to the My Picture area and click (BROWSE) and locate your candidate JPG image on your PC. Then click on the (Upload Image) button. You can’t upload a *.psd file .. I uploaded a JPG

NOTE : I have been using IE6, I also tried using Netscape 7.2 at home, so hopefully this is not browser dependent.

After the image uploads to WordPress, the image will appear in the (Crop uploaded image) window with a cropping cube around the image. Once you CLICK on the cropping tool, it will go to the 32 X 32 pixel size.. that is the MAX size you can have.. So if your image is too big, go back to (Part 1) and use IfranView to compress the image.

The other thing that I found out about the cropping tool, is that it works best if the image that you are working with is already approximately the size of a square.. if you have a long rectangular image.. it will only create a cropping box the size of the smallest side. Also if you find yourself wanting to move the cropping box outside of the current image.. say to center the picture.. then go back to (Part 1) and add a border around the picture using IfranView.

Once you start working with it, the cropping tool will automatically go to the 32 pixel HEIGHT size. You can play with it, using your mouse over the cropping control boxes, or by using your arrow keys to move the box left/right or up & down on the image. Once you have the cropping box positioned where you want it, click on the (CROP IMAGE) button.

You will go to the ALL DONE screen that shows your Avatar in 3 different sizes, along with this message:
Your avatar image has been uploaded and you should start seeing it appear around soon!

IF you immediately go back to your Profile, YOU WILL NOT see the Avatar yet.. it will take some time before the image shows up in your profile!

I noticed that the Avatar image showed up on the Blood Ties Blog, long before the image appeared within my profile.

SO do not be discouraged or think that you have to re-do it.

Remember, Patience is a virtue!

It took about 30 minutes before the Avatar showed up in my profile.

Good Luck!

-Rifkind and of course HMV the bat (Henry Michael Victor)

HMV the Bat - Henry Michael Victor


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