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A big THANKS goes out to Annalaise DuChat for her help and assistance, her experience with the WordPress tool was very helpful. I’ve marked her helpful hints with (duChat) With these instructions, I am assuming that you already HAVE a WordPress blog account.

How do you get your book out on the web the way Annalaise did?

Do you use Posts or Pages?

(duChat) I use Pages for my book, because you can designate the order they display I set up a parent page and then the Chapters as the child pages. I use posts for other things, it allows me to specify the page order on the blog, I use posts for everything else.


 (Rifkind) How do you setup a page to ALLOW/Not Allow comments ?  (duChat) I specify to allow comments ONLY on the main page, that way I only need to look for comments in one place. When you are creating the Page, go over to the right hand column and check/ un-check the two boxes to allow comments or pings.


Did you just copy and paste from Word?

(duChat) No.

  OK, my story is in a Word Doc, now what do I do?

(Rifkind)When I just pasted in the edit window, I lost all the carriage returns in Word. Now what?  How did you use the tool to get the data from Word into WordPress?

(duChat)   Click an insertion point in the blog interface box where you want the text to appear.  Copy your text from Word.  At the end of the post/page control  bar there is an icon that looks like little paint chips. Click on that and it  will give you an extended toolbar. There you will find an ‘Import from Word’  button. Click on it. A Text box will appear. Paste the text into that box.  Click the insert button.

(More) Importing Word to Page

(Rifkind) This started off as info from  (duChat) above, with the addition of images. 

To import from Word. On the Toolbar Click on the advanced toolbar  icon to expand the view to the full toolbar



FULL toolbar Click on the Paste from Word Icon



  Saving the page – Saving the Page will not automatically put the Page out on your WordPress Blog. You need to be sure to click on the PUBLISH button. I have inadvertently left a page in the unpublished ‘Draft’ mode.

Page Order

You can choose to have Parent Pages.

Sub-pages can be assigned an order by placing a number in the Page Order box



Pages can be Password protected

Did you password protect JUST the parent page, or ALL the chapters?(duChat) I password protected everything just to be safe . But I used the same Password for everything. That way you only have to enter it once. I may take the protection off the parent page and post the synopsis on that page just to let readers know what it’s about.

Also, I only allow comments on the parent page. (Rifkind) Once the password has been entered correctly, it is saved in a cookie in the browser and the reader doesn’t have to re-enter the password each time they change pages.


More Formatting   – (Rifkind had problems with missing carriage returns)        

(duChat) Highlight all you text in the blog interface. Click on  the format pull-down menu and select preformatted. That should give you back your  carriage returns. If it doesn’t In Word under paragraph formatting  increase the amount of space allowed in ?space after.? Which will give you more  space after a hard return.

More Formatting Problems   – (Rifkind had problems with missing Tab fields at the beginning of paragraphs)
I had to manually add the spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.  For some reason even having the spaces at the beginning of the paragraph instead of Tabs did not transfer to the WordPress page when I imported the Word Doc.        

More Formatting Problems   – (Rifkind)

While trying to import from a word doc, I discovered that if the word doc had a row of stars..*****, I had a problem. If you type a row of stars and them at the end of the row you press Enter… many times Word will complete the row with the characters. There must be some special characters that are written in word, as WordPress does not know how to import these characters.  I later tried entering the row as  /******** and this seemed to work.
Once the doc is in WordPress, then you can go in and delete the slash.

OK, I have made changes in Word, now what do I do ?

   Comparison in Word  After getting the work put out there in my WordPress account, we then made spelling corrections and small tweaks.. Now WHAT?? I did not want to go through EVERY page and put it back into WordPress and then have to put back in all the spaces at the beginning of every paragraph.

Comparisons in MS Word 2002 version
I am writing about how this worked with my system. I have Windows XP 2002 and MS Word 20002.  Your versions may act differently.
I wanted to be able to find WHERE we had made changes to our story.

1.) Make  back up copies of the files you are going to compare.
Make backup COPIES of the files being compared  as the files WILL be modified!

NOTE:  I had published my story on the WEB and was recovering and comparing the story on the web vs. on my machine. I needed to be sure that BOTH documents had the same font and font size before doing the compare! I also found that the Web version had different characters for apostrophe and question marks.

2.)  In Word open your OLDER version of the document
In my example, this file will NOT be modified.
Click on Toolbar 
 TOOLS –> Compare and Merge Documents
In the pop-up Window, select the file that you want to compare your document with.  THE SELECTED FILE WILL BE CHANGED and now contain the merged Markup changes between the documents. As you can see in my example, the merge/compare also works with *.rtf format files too.

Compare Word Docs

After Merging the files, I was able to see where the changes were made and then go into the WordPress page and make the changes. 

3.)  Were do we find the Settings for showing HOW the markup should be displayed ???

More notes to come… but I’ll publish what I have for now



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