Image Comparison – Sculptor Thutmose’s Complex

The sculptor Thutmose’s* home and workshop is located in the far end of the southern suburb of Akhetaten (Amarna).
*Thutmose is also known as Djhutmose.

The top image is from The Amarna Project – South Suburb, showing the sculptor Thutmose’s complex
Comparison of the images of the Sculptor Thutmose's Workshop
If you have loaded the Google Earth program, the link below should take you to the “push-pin” location.
Click on the link and OPEN the KMZ file. Pushpin Link
What is this KMZ file extention for?

Model of the Sculptor Thutmose's Workshop

This PDF is in German, but has the sketches of Thutmose complex and neighborhood. “EMERGENCE AND DEVELOPMENT OF METROPOLISES, Publications of the interdisciplinary working group city cultural research, I.A.S”   In German : See PDF Page number 69 for The drawing shown below. The internal page is marked page 45.
Drawing of the Sculptor Thutmose house and workshop

The land development around the house of the sculptor Thutmose (after Borchardt/Ricke (1980) plan III). The grid squares have a side length of 200 m.


The Sculptor Thutmose’s complex is the structure on the far right of the drawing and is on the south-east side of the “street”

The Sculptor Thutmose\'s complex

Thutmose the sculptor, house and workshop complex

The image below has a better understanding of where the doorways and stairs to the second floor were located. I had wondered how the layout worked and how they traversed between the house and the workshop.
I also suspect that in the back by the graneries, there would also have been located a mudbrick oven. Other housing units of the time had the ovens outside of the home.
Layout of the Sculptor Thutmose house and workshop

Layout of the Sculptor Thutmose house and workshop

Model of the sculptor Thutmose\'s house

Model of the sculptor Thutmose's house

Also the Amarna model does not show the “garden” to contain any trees or bushes. The image that is sometimes, (mistakenly), attributed to Thutmose, is a square garden and well found on the wall of Amarna tomb no. 4, the high priest Meryra. In that square garden were planted many fruit trees and plants that had religious significance.

Egyptian garden around a pool

Egyptian garden around a pool

On Queen Hatshepsut’s the tomb wall, there is an image showing workers transporting trees in baskets. This could have also been done to transplant trees into the private gardens. Servants would have been in charge of seeing that the trees and shrubs were watered.

Men carrying sampling trees in baskets

Men carrying sampling trees in baskets


3 Responses to “Image Comparison – Sculptor Thutmose’s Complex”

  1. Glenn Ashton Says:

    Great article – many thanks! Check our website about our novel – with posts about Nefertiti’s bust and the people involved in its discovery.

    Glenn & Loraine

  2. Lisa Novikova Says:

    Thank you very much for this article! It was very interesting and informative! I study art and I write a paper about masterpieces from Thutmose`s workshop. Unfortunately I have no works on this topic in my native language, and I am not an expert in in foreign scientific literature. Please, if you know some good titles, recommend them to me, I would be very grateful! English and German languages are welcome. Best wishes!

  3. Selket1 Says:

    Whose work is this model & details? Is this part of the Amarna project?

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