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July 31, 2007 


Tango had problems with Email.  

Anybody who did a (Reply-To) from her email had it go to a nonexistant version of her husband’s email address.
Before we start, I have NO experience with Vista, or Windows Mail.

1. ) You could try to locate the REPLY-TO setup and fix it.
It appears to me that in the setup of your laptop mail application  that the “repy to” field was set to (almost) your husband’s email… but as you say has a  ? in it so is corrupted and the mail goes to the email Ether.
When I click REPLY to your email the address becomes
TangoTango <?>

Under your Mail program’s  HELP  type :
Reply to
Reply E-mail
Under Outlook there were bunches of stuff listed, but the item that I found related to your problem was labeled :

Have replies to your messages sent to a different e-mail account

It is interesting to note that when searching HELP for
Outlook you find:
If you click on HELP in the Main Outlook application,
you are searching OUTLOOK, but if you click on HELP in
a new email message.. it will bring up the HELP for MS
Word, (That is the editor program for the email messages).

Windows Mail, MAY have the same problem … so check the HELP in the Email application window, and not in an email message window.
This SHOULD be where we could fix your problem.
I stopped off at a computer store and played with a Vista machine to get some experience with your mail application and todetermine the correct way to get to correct screen.

Good Luck!
Like I said, I will stop off after work and check out WHERE your “REPLY TO” setup should be located so that we can get it fixed.




I searched for this on Google

To find the page for Tango

“windows mail” + vista + reply + tool + address


“windows mail” + vista +  tool + “reply address”   43 results

Other sites

Optimizing your account settings

Follow these steps to customize your e-mail account settings:

  • Open Windows Mail
  • From the Tools menu choose Accounts
  • A list of Account will be shown on the first screen.
  • Highlight the account you wish to check and click Properties
  • Under Mail Account, you may enter any name you wish to identify your mail account with. For example: My Mail
  • Under User Information the information in the Name box is your display name. When recipients receive a message, this shows in the From box. This can be whatever you like. For example: John Doe
  • Organization may be left blank, or you may type a Company name
  • E-Mail Address will be your e-mail address. For example:
  • Reply Address may be left blank unless you want replies forwarded to another address, such as
  • Click the Server tab. Verify that the following information is correct.
    My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
    Incoming mail (POP3):
    Outgoing mail (SMTP):
    E-mail username: yourusername (Do not include
    Password: yourpassword
    Remember password (Optional)
  • Click the Connection tab
  • Unless directed otherwise, options on this tab should be left unchecked.
  • Click Apply, then OK to close the Account Properties
  • Click Close to close the Account Options



Hi Tango,

See if you can get through the PDF instructions and get to the bottom of page 5


Maybe this will fix your problem!


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