Vista : Printer Problems

December 18, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

Last week you’d asked me this question:

ok resident computer techies – (my Sister) says she can’t get Vista to talk to her Lexmark printers or her picture printer – any clues?

Your sister will have to download a print driver from Lexmark for the Vista operating system. This link will take you to Lexmark and the Vista driver page.,6959,204816596_920309141_0_en,00.html

What brand is the picture printer? You’ll need to download the drivers for Vista as well for the picture printer.

Oh the joys of switching to a new operating system!
Good Luck!!!!


Thanks for the info on the lexmark Rif – I’ll email that too her – but she was told by that there are still some Lexmarks that wont work with vista – go figure….


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